10 myths about detailing

Posted on September 28, 2016 at 1:12 AM
When it comes to car detailing there are many things which inexperienced people just spread that might seem good but are actually very harmful to your car. You need to be aware of all the issues related to car detailing in order to make sure you don't damage your car by following someone's tip who has less experience in car detailing. Below are some common Myths about car detailing.

Dishwashing Detergents will get the job done perfectly
Many people say it is safe to use Dishwashing detergent to clean your car and it gets the job done as good as other soaps can. But the problem is Dishwashing detergents are made for cleaning your dishes and it is their job to clean everything in order to get the best dishes. But when it comes to car, it needs some things on it so it could shine and protect from pollutants. Dishwashing soap will scrap off all the polymers from the paint that will make it dull.

If the car is shining it is clean
Shiny might be nice, but only to your eyes. Your eyes can't see properly what is going on in paint finishes. You should rub our hands on it and feel it, it will feel rough. If you want experiment just feel it with your hands after a good wash and then feel it after some time, there will be a huge difference.

Swirl marks can be removed by waxing
Waxing is not enough to clean swirl marks, it depends on how deep the swirls are to clean it according to it. Minor scratches can easily be fixed with just the use of paint cleaner and moderate ones will require more serious one and if marks are even deeper you might have to contact a professional.

Polishing and waxing is a same thing
Both polishing and waxing have different roles. Waxing will protect your paint and coat it with silicones, polymers and resins. However, polishing will provide a high gloss surface for better look to your car.

T-shirts and flannel can be used as good cleaning clothes
No matter how clean the T-shirt or such clothe is, it will only damage your car. As these clothes have plain surface, they will not pick up the dirt like micro fiber can do, instead they will grind it across paint finish.

Wax protection last for one year at least
Such guarantees are quite good for selling products but there is no 100% guarantee it will work that way. As many factors are involved in wax protection, durability such as weather, Vehicle is parked inside or outside and use of road salt it can last more or less.

After waxing there is no need for protecting paint finishes.
Yes, waxing does protect your car's surface, but still it needs to be protected from other damages like tree sap and tire rubber. To clean such things from your car you need to clean it using a mist-and-wipe product before they become harder to remove.

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